Deep Threat Intelligence

At Deep Info Sec, we use a combination of expert knowledge and advanced technology to protect you from emerging threats. These threats can cause significant financial loss, often through the use of AI to automate attacks. With our threat intelligence techniques, we have your back.

Threat intelligence, or TI, is information about current and potential security threats. It can be used to predict, prevent, and respond to attacks. There are four main types of TI: strategic, operational, tactical, and technical.

Strategic TI is used to make decisions about your security program, while operational TI is actionable and can be used to improve your security posture. Tactical TI is useful for responding to specific incidents, and technical TI is necessary for understanding the technical details of a threat.

Our team of experts works to proactively gather TI, or they may collect it reactively while responding to an incident. We also use security technologies, such as IDS and antivirus software, to generate TI. However, the information gathered by our experts, the security community is typically more reliable.

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