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  • The Future of Encryption: Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography

    The Future of Encryption: Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography

    In recent years, there has been a lot of buzz around the potential of quantum computing and its potential impact on encryption. Quantum computers, which use the principles of quantum mechanics to perform calculations, have the potential to significantly increase the speed and power of computation. This has led to concerns that quantum computers could potentially be used to break traditional encryption algorithms, posing a significant threat to data security. In response, researchers have begun to develop a new type of encryption known as post-quantum cryptography, which is designed to be resistant to attacks from quantum computers. One potential approach

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  • Talent Acquisition : Think out of the box

    Talent Acquisition : Think out of the box

    We were invited at EVANTA recently and discussed the recurring issue of talent acquisition and skills shortage. One recurring issue faced by CISOs is how to acquire talented people in information security. To put it bluntly, we believe in recruiting and training talents out of the box and based on real skills rather than relying solely on certifications. We also recruit and train skilled individuals in several African and southern Asian countries as well as South America. This has largely contributed to our success throughout the years thanks to the incredibly rich perspectives and skillsets it provided us with. Now

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  • Information Security & your business!

    Information Security & your business!

    Information security is a crucial concern for businesses of all sizes and industries. As the amount of sensitive data and the number of cyber threats continue to increase, it’s essential to implement robust security measures to protect your organization and its assets. One critical aspect of information security is identity management. This refers to the processes and technologies used to identify, authenticate, and authorize individuals or devices to access your network and its resources. Proper identity management ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information, preventing unauthorized access and potential data breaches. One effective way to improve your identity

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  • The Importance of Network Segmentation in Cybersecurity

    The Importance of Network Segmentation in Cybersecurity

    Network segmentation is the practice of dividing a network into smaller, isolated segments in order to improve security and reduce the risk of a data breach. According to a report by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), network segmentation can significantly reduce the impact of a cyberattack. One of the key benefits of network segmentation is that it limits the spread of an attack. If a hacker is able to gain access to one segment of the network, they will not be able to access other segments without additional authentication. This can help prevent a widespread breach and

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